New collaborator at LIPID

© 2021 EPFL

© 2021 EPFL

Dong Hyun Kim joined forces with the LIPID team on April 1st, 2021.

Dong Hyun is a researcher in the areas of illuminating engineering and building science. His current research interest includes perceptual effects of view quality and shading patterns on glare perception as well as glare measurement principles by imaging luminance measurement device (ILMD).

He holds a PhD in Built Environment (2018) and a MSc in Light and Lighting (2012) from University College London (UK). In his PhD, he investigated how positive emotion and atmosphere in an office space is associated with the lit environment. His work included characterisation of the environment and development of new assessment tools that could explore emotional responses of dynamic lighting settings. 

Prior to joining EPFL, he worked as a postdoc researcher at the Chair of Indoor Environment in Delft University of Technology (NL) from 2018 to 2020.