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New collaboration on Parkinson's disease with Prof. Krack (Bern)

© Matthieu Gafsou / EPFL 2019

© Matthieu Gafsou / EPFL 2019

Blanke Lab launches new collaboration on cortical form of Parkinson’s disease with Prof. Paul Krack from the University Hospital Bern

Following the successful collaboration between the Blanke Lab and Prof. Paul Krack at Campus Biotech in Geneva using a new patented neurorobotic device for the investigation of hallucinations in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, we will continue and intensify our research efforts with the Department of Neurology at the Inselspital (University Hospital of Bern), where Prof. Krack is the new Head of the Center for Movement Disorders. This strengthened collaboration extends our multicenter research in patients with Parkinson’s disease from Geneva, Lausanne, and Sion to Bern and will investigate the brain mechanisms of hallucinations and related cognitive functions as well as the role of dopaminergic treatments on hallucinations caused by Parkinson’s disease. Research will be conducted jointly at Campus Biotech Geneva and the Department of Neurology in Bern and is funded by support from Parkinson Switzerland, the Swiss National Science Foundation, and EPFL’s catalyst fund.

Author: Oliver A Kannape