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Mont-Terri, the Laboratory of CO2 sequestration

© 2019 EPFL

© 2019 EPFL

A large-scale study has been launched, intended to elucidate the risks related to this recent technology. It will hopefully further promote its application, as defended by many experts like Prof. Lyesse Laloui, head of the soil mechanics laboratory (LMS) at EPFL.

A large-scale study has been launched in the Jura, aiming to shed light on some of the risks related to CO2 sequestration. By tending to these arising concerns, the study could refuel a zeal for new applications around the world, especially in Switzerland, where real storage projects are yet to be seen. A mistake, according to Prof. Lyesse Laloui, who also recently boasted the merits of this technology in a previous article of Le Temps. CO2 sequestration however, has its limits. It is not a miraculous solution capable of singlehandedly reversing the effects of global warming, adds the professor, but rather a contributor to be coupled with other renewable energies, in the current energy transition phase.

The full article can be consulted on the link here.