17.10.17 - Mental Work employs Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI), developed at EPFL in José Millán's lab, to activate four spectacular machines based on slider cranks, standard mechanisms of the Industrial Revolution. By directly connecting brain activity to these mechanical movements, Mental Work comes full circle to connect over 200 years of human-machine interaction.

The vernissage of Mental Work, a factory dedicated to the future of human-machine interaction, is opening at EPFL ArtLab on October 26th 2017.

In collaboration with the artist Jonathon Keats, the cultural producer Michael Mitchell and EPFL ArtLab, Millán and his team at Campus Biotech have built the first factory dedicated to the Cognitive Revolution: ushering in a new era of human-machine interfaces. The data collected during the factory’s operational hours will be used by the neuroscientific community to improve BMI and our understanding of the human brain.
Millan and Keats will introduce the scientific and conceptual elements during the factory’s opening ceremony, followed by a round-table discussion about the future of work, the role of the human in industry and new educational and entrepreneurial opportunities in a digital economy.
Roundtable participants include:
  • José Millán (Defitech Foundation Chair)
  • Jonathon Keats (Principal Artist)
  • François Schoch (Director of First Industries)
  • 18h00: Visit of Mental Work facilities - ArtLab Building
  • 19h30: Presentation and round-table discussion – Forum Rolex
  • 20h30 Cocktail dinatoire – Forum Rolex
All CNP members are welcome to the opening event on Oct. 26th. Please confirm your attendance by email at [email protected] by Oct. 23.
Author:Bruno HerbelinSource:Center for Neuroprosthetics