Members of the Blanke Lab attended OHBM 2022 conference

© 2022 EPFL

© 2022 EPFL

Several members of the Blanke Lab were in Glasgow (UK) to attend the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) 2022 Annual Meeting, that took place from 19th - 23rd of June!

Below an overview of the work that we presented:

  • Symposium organised together with Prof. Friedhelm Christoph Hummel (Hummel Lab, EPFL) and Prof. Nir Grossman (Imperial College, London, UK) on 'Non-invasive neuromodulation of deep brain structures to enhance cognitive functions':
    • Lecture 1: Non-invasive temporal interference electrical stimulation of the human hippocampus; Ines Violante
    • Lecture 2: Modulation of human striatal activity with temporal interference stimulation; Elena Beanato
    • Lecture 3: Impact of MTL-targeted TI stimulation on spatial navigation: probing with grid cell like representation’; Hyukjun Moon

  • The work from Herberto Dhanis on ‘CAP-based fMRI neurofeedback enables bidirectional regulation of induced-hallucination networks’ was selected for both poster and oral presentations in recognition of his exceptional work! Congratulations Herberto!

  • Nathalie Meyer presented her PhD work on ‘Sense of agency in virtual reality impacts episodic memory in hippocampus and parieto-frontal cortex' as a poster presentation.

  • Sara Stampacchia presented her work on ‘Fingerprints of brain disease: connectome identifiability during cognitive decline’ which was selected for a Merit Award in recognition of a top-rated abstract! Congratulations Sara!

OHBM was a great opportunity for networking and to share our work with the brain mapper community! It was also exciting to get back to in-person meeting after 3 years (last in person OHBM was in 2019)!

We are already looking forward to OHBM 2023 in Montréal, Canada!