Majed Chergui Fellow of the American Crystallographic Association

Majed Chergui © EPFL

Majed Chergui © EPFL

Professor Majed Chergui has been voted a Fellow of the American Crystallographic Association.

The American Crystallographic Association (ACA) is a non-profit, scientific organization of over 1,300 members in more than 35 countries. Founded in 1949, the ACA’s objective is “to promote interactions among scientists who study the structure of matter at atomic (or near atomic) resolution.”

ACA Fellows are members who have been recognized to hold a high level of excellence in scientific research, teaching, professional duties, service, leadership, and personal engagement in the ACA and the broader world of crystallography and science. Fellows act as scientific ambassadors to the broader scientific community and the general public advancing “science education, research, knowledge, interaction, and collaboration”. In fact, the ACA envisions that only 5% of its members will be recognized as Fellows.

Now, the ACA has given this honor to Professor Majed Chergui at EPFL. An internationally renowned expert in ultrafast spectroscopy, Professor Chergui directs EPFL’s Laboratory of Ultrafast Spectroscopy, which carries out ultrafast-UV and X-ray spectroscopy studies on chemical and biological systems. He is also a founding Editor-in-chief of the journal Structural Dynamics, a flagship journal of the American Institute of Physics and the ACA. His lab is also part of the Lausanne Centre for Ultrafast Science (LACUS).