© 2022 EPFL

© 2022 EPFL

LMIS1 recently participated to MNE-EUROSENSORS 2022 conference in Leuven, with 2 oral and 2 poster presentations, respectively by Berke Erbas, André Chatel, Dr. Hernan Furci and Roberto Russo.

This year, the 48th edition of Micro and NanoEngineering conference took place in Leuven, from September 19th to 23th, exceptionally joint with Eurosensors. The two events are international leading conferences focusing on micro- and nano-fabrication, manufacturing techniques, as well as applications of the fabricated micro/nanostructures, devices and microsystems into electronics, photonics, energy, environment, chemistry and life sciences.

LMIS1 actively participated to the event with 2 oral and 2 poster presentations, respectively by Berke Erbas ("Grayscale Nanopatterning for 2D Material Straining"), André Chatel ("Sub-micrometer Patterning and Characterization of Superconducting NbTi Thin Films by Fluorine-based Plasma Etching"), Dr. Hernan Furci ("Optical Constants and Patterning by Deep UV Lithography of Phase Change Materials for Non-Volatile Reconfigurable Silicon Photonics") and Roberto Russo ("Fabrication and Characterization of NbTi Superconducting Resonators").

Moreover, Prof Jürgen Brugger was appointed for this year MNE Fellow award, for his contribution to the advancement of the field of Micro and Nanoengineering, and, in particular, for the development of innovative novel micro/nano manufacturing strategies for MEMS and nanotechnology. Congratulations Jürgen for such a prestigious, and well-deserved, scientific acknowledgment!