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LEMR participates in the EGU 2018 meeting

©EGU www.egu.eu/

©EGU www.egu.eu/

EGU is the biggest geoscience meeting in Europe, with more 15000 researchers participating from 106 countries in different geoscience's fields such as Rock Physics, Structural Geology, Seismology, Energy, etc.

The list and posters that LEMR researchers have presented in the EGU 2018 meeting include:

1. Fluid-flow control of clay-bearing faults
Felipe Orellana, Christophe Nussbaum, Yves Guglielmi, Luiz Grafulha, and Marie Violay

2. Fluid viscosity controls earthquakes nucleation
Chiara Cornelio, Elena Spagnuolo, Giulio Di Toro, and Marie Violay

3. Influence of fluid pressure level on the nucleation of laboratory earthquakes.
Mateo Acosta, Francois Passelègue, Alexandre Schubnel, Benoit Gibert, and Marie Violay

4. Influence of injection-rate on the onset of fault reactivation
Francois Passelegue, Nicolas Brantut, and Thomas Mitchell

5. Do pseudotachylytes limit the thickness of the seismogenic continental crust?
Francois Passelegue, Jacob Tielke, Julian Mecklenburgh, and Giulio Di Toro

6. Fault stability during an experimental seismic cycle. The effect of controlled conditions of the loading rate.
Elena Spagnuolo, Stefan Nielsen, Marie Violay, Francois Passelegue, and Giulio Di Toro

7. Healing processes of faults during the deceleration of the co-seismic velocity.
Marie Violay, Elena Spagnuolo, and François Passelegue

8. Evolution in physical properties of crustal rocks submitted to large temperatures
Lucas Pimienta and Marie Violay

9. Time-dependent deformation of a low porosity sandstone subjected to pore pressure oscillations
Corentin Noël, Lucas Pimienta, and Marie Violay

10. Seismic dispersion in fluid-saturated carbonates: experimental investigation using the forced-oscillations method.
Jan Borgomano, Lucas Pimienta, Hanjun Yin, Jérôme Fortin, and Yves Guéguen