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Lecture by Prof. Yves Weinand, the 22nd of May 2019

Cycle de conférence© 2019 Le Champ des Possibles

Cycle de conférence© 2019 Le Champ des Possibles

« Le Champ des Possibles » lecture series addresses the subjects of innovation, transmission and collective intelligence.

Prof. Yves Weinand will give a lecture on Wednesday, the 22nd of May at Brussels Expo, Heysel (Palais 7).

Future generations will inherit today’s-built environment. Shouldering this collective responsibility means rethinking the ways we build, consume and interact.
And thinking differently is about taking a step backwards and forwards at the same time, believing in something better, breaking the mould. In our quest, curiosity drives the process and questions provide us with tools.
We must examine both our environment and ourselves, share both knowledge and doubt, relate both our achievements and failures, for the transmission of knowledge as prerequisite of progress. The more we share, the more we gain.
Ecological and social challenges cannot be resolved by a single individual or a single building, but collectively, a complex project built upon multiple collaborations.

About the series of conferences
« Le Champ des Possibles » is a series of conferences initiated in 2009 by Art & Build which brings together a broad range of personalities. Maverick thinkers who question their profession and all manner of context, our speakers have contributed generously to our collective intelligence.
Michaël Braungart, Jacques Attali, Ora-Ito or Carlos Moreno, that have followed one another since then, have shown us how a reshuffle of perceived wisdom can benefit the community from the local to global scale.
As part of the We Are Real Estate fair, this conference welcomes speakers from widely varying and complementary fields including mobility, architecture, engineering, real estate development and territorial governance.

Important :Free access to the conference doesn't give access to We Are Real Estate fair which needs inscription on www.wearerealestate.be.

Brussels Expo, Heysel (Palais 7)
1 Place de Belgique
1020 Bruxelles

Free entrance, registration is required
Lectures start at 7:00pm