Kumar Agrawal wins NAMS Young Membrane Scientist Award

Kumar Varoon Agrawal © EPFL

Kumar Varoon Agrawal © EPFL

Professor Kumar Varoon Agrawal at EPFL’s Institute of Chemical Science and Engineering has been awarded a Young Membrane Scientist Award from the North American Membrane Society.

The North American Membrane Society (NAMS) is a professional society in North America whose aim is to promote “all aspects of membrane science and technology”, a spectrum that covers fundamental studies of membrane material science to process application and development.

Each year, NAMS awards up to three Young Membrane Scientist Awards “to outstanding individuals who are starting their professional careers in membrane science and technology”. The award is open to all Membrane Scientists whose careers are within five years after completing their PhDs, and includes postdocs, faculty, and even scientists working in industry.

This year, NAMS has given one the awards to Professor Kumar Varoon Agrawal. Professor Agrawal directs the GAZNAT Chair for Advanced Separations at EPFL Valais Wallis, where his team investigates ways of synthesizing “two-dimensional membranes” that significantly exceed the performance limits set by the conventional membranes. The aim is to boost the energy efficiency of molecular separation, for example, energy-efficient carbon capture.

Every Young Membrane Scientist Award includes a $500 prize, a commemorative plaque a free one-year membership in NAMS, and free registration to the annual NAMS Meeting, where winners give an oral presentation during a special award session. The winners also write a report on the Meeting, which is published in NAMS Membrane Quarterly.