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Korean-Swiss Science and Technology Programme

© 2018 SNSF

© 2018 SNSF

In the context of the Korean-Swiss Science and Technology Programme, the SNSF and the National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Korea launch another call for Joint Research Projects (JRPs).

The Korean-Swiss Science and Technology Programme was initiated by the Korean and Swiss governments in 2008 in order to further stepup the bilateral cooperation in scientific and technological areas of relevance to both countries. The cooperation is based on the principles of reciprocity, parity and activity-matching funding.

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) were mandated to launch a call for Joint Research Projects (JRPs), organise the evaluation of the submitted proposals and monitor the funded projects.

Grants for Joint Research Projects (JRPs) are aimed at promoting collaborative projects with clearly defined goals, involving at least one partner based in Switzerland and one based in Korea. Applications should describe ambitious research and propose innovative approaches. The research is to be carried out at the research facilities involved; reciprocal visits and short stays in Switzerland for researchers from Korea and vice versa are possible within the scope of a JRP.

The projects will have a duration of 4 years, projects shorter than 4 years will not be accepted. The costs covered by the grants are comparable to those covered in national SNSF projects (equipment, research funds, salaries).

JRP proposals include two separate budgets: one budget in CHF for the Swiss applicant or applicants (paid by SNSF according to the SNSF’s rules) and one budget in KRW for the Korean applicant or applicants (paid by the NRF according to the NRF’s rules). The two countries have agreed to fund up to 12 projects if a sufficient number of proposals of high quality are submitted.

The maximum budget available for the Swiss side of a project is CHF 350’000

The maximum budget available for the Korean side of a project is KRW 360,000,000

Projects within the following thematic areas will be funded:

  • Molecular physics
  • Digital health (this is an interdisciplinary topic; a project part in Social Sciences and Humanities is possible)
  • Advanced materials


Proposals outside the thematic areas defined above will not be accepted.

Key dates:

  • Opening date: 17.12.2018
  • Closing date: 14.03.2019

The submitted applications will be jointly evaluated by the SNSF and the NRF. The SNSF will cover the costs for the Swiss part of the research and the NRF the costs incurred in South Korea.

More information:

Sources:SNSF webpage

The EPFL Research Office is available to help with your application and all the questions you may have.

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