10.05.17 - The extraction and automatic update of patent information from the platform Espacenet to Infoscience is now available! Benefit from this feature to advance the profile of your patents!

Since 2015, the teams from the Technology Transfer Office (TTO), the Library and the Information Systems Department have been working together to develop a solution in order to improve the visibility of information on patents submitted by EPFL through Infoscience, the institutional archive database.

In a first phase, Infoscience has been updated with a list of EPFL patents submitted since 2001, which was prepared by the TTO. From now on, a monthly automatic extraction from the Espacenet database – the European Patent Office platform which gathers millions of patents worldwide – provides regular updates to Infoscience. By default, the new entries are assigned to TTO which verifies and complete the information before indicating the laboratories related to such patent family.

A full and accurate snapshot of EPFL’s patents

Using the same principle as the extraction of publications out of Web of Science, laboratories simply have to validate or refuse patent families that are added to their profile. Each entry can be completed, either by the laboratory or by the TTO, with complementary information related to the patent in order to have a better exposure of the technology and the related inventions. After publication on Infoscience the patents’ families are automatically updated for each new publication on Espacenet. When searching for information on Infoscience, the user can thus find an up-to-date state of any patent of EPFL, with details on its family and status.

Better visibility for more recognition

Patents linked to laboratories, whether they have led to a commercial use or not, are evidence of innovative results created within EPFL. It is important to promote them to the public and potential partners (even for patents that may have been abandoned or expired), by connecting such patents to the concerned laboratories in Infoscience. Moreover, if a patent is submitted before the inventor joins the EPFL or when it is made in collaboration with third-party (start-ups, industry, etc…), an import from Espacenet can be made manually with the selection of “publication out of EPFL”.

All of this information can be added to any EPFL websites using the available Jahia tools.

Contact: Mauro Lattuada, TTO (, Library ([email protected])