IJSS Special issue on Upcycling Spatial Structures

© 2021 EPFL

© 2021 EPFL

Corentin Fivet (Structural Xploration Lab) and Olivier Baverel (Laboratoire Navier, ENPC) have co-edited the latest issue of the International Journal of Space Structures, SAGE publishers. The special issue gathers scientific contributions on Upcycling Spatial Structures, bringing forth the topic of component reuse in early-stage structural design processes.

The Special Issue is published here: https://journals.sagepub.com/toc/spsa/36/4

The list of contributions:

  • Upcycling Space Structures (C. Fivet & O. Baverel)
  • Stock-constrained truss design exploration through combinatorial equilibrium modeling (J. Brütting, P.O. Ohlbrock, J. Hofer, P. D’Acunto)
  • Minimal-waste design of timber layouts from non-standard reclaimed elements: A combinatorial approach based on structural reciprocity (D. Parigi)
  • Friction magazine: The upcycling of manufacture for structural design (A. Le Pavec, S. Zerhouni, N. Leduc, K. Kuzmenko, M. Brocato)
  • Generation of elastic geodesic gridshells with anisotropic cross sections (C. Haskell, N. Montagne, C. Douthe, O. Baverel, C. Fivet)
  • Design Based on Availability: Generative Design and Robotic Fabrication Workflow for Non-Standardized Sheet Metal with Variable Properties (S. M. Moussavi, H. Svatoš-Ražnjević, A. Körner, Y. Tahouni, A. Menges, J. Knippers), published in next issue.

The issue is a product of Working-Group 18 on “Life-Cycle Design and Assessment of Shell and Spatial Structures”, hosted by the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS).