IGM Colloquium: Prof. Mark Pauly, IC, EPFL

© Light, Matter, Form — Prof. Mark Pauly, IC, EPFL

© Light, Matter, Form — Prof. Mark Pauly, IC, EPFL

Light, Matter, Form — Computational Design of Functional Geometry by Prof. Mark Pauly, IC, EPFL

In this talk, I will outline a general computational approach for material-aware design of complex 3D models. The key step is to identify suitable geometric abstractions of physical properties that enable effective computations with high predictive accuracy. I will show several examples of this approach for interactive design with inextensible and auxetic materials, and for performative optimization of light re-directing surfaces. These studies illustrate how to leverage geometric insights, mathematical theory, and advanced algorithms to build effective computational tools for material-aware design of performative geometry.

Mark Pauly joined EPFL in 2009 and is currently full professor at the School of Computer and Communication Sciences. He received his PhD in 2003 from ETH Zurich, spent two years as a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University and four years as assistant professor at ETH Zurich. His research interests include computer graphics, geometry processing, computational design, digital fabrication, and architectural geometry. He received the ETH medal for outstanding dissertation in 2003, the Eurographics Young Researcher Award in 2006, an ERC starting grant in 2010, and the Eurographics Outstanding Technical Contributions Award in 2016.