IDEAS Lecture | 31st October

Guillaume MASSARD will be the speaker of the next IDEAS lecture, entitled "Industrial Symbioses". It will take place on Wednesday 31st October 2012 at 2:15 pm in room AAC120.

The axis Integrated Design, Architecture and Sustainability (IDEAS) is a joint initiative of both the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design (LIPID) and Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST) of the ENAC School at EPFL. It aims to address an increased integration of the various issues related to sustainable architecture within the framework of the Doctoral program Architecture & Science of the city (EDAR).

Industrial symbioses - Plan, produce and build on a systemic and collective basis.

Industrial symbioses are a strategy to improve the consumption of material and energetic resources and the waste management of economic activities. Based on the systemic approach promoted by industrial ecology, they aim at creating new collaborations among the economic stakeholders of a territory in order to exchange information, raw materials and waste, and at intensifying the potential pooling of services and infrastructures between neighboring companies. Nowadays, this strategy also applies to the urban context, allowing implementing collaborations between industry, housing and agriculture. This achievement requires specific detection, analysis and project management tools, as well as business models tailored to the manifold stakeholders. The objective of this lecture is to describe concrete “success stories” in order to highlight the dimensions to be taken into account to facilitate the replication on a broad scale.

Guillaume Massard specializes in the management of material and energy flows and in the organization of economic activities. He holds an engineering degree in environmental sciences from the EPFL and a Phd in environmental sciences from the University of Lausanne. His research in the fields of industrial ecology and industrial symbioses has focused on developing processes and tools to implement industrial ecology in the territory. Guillaume Massard is founder and scientific director of Sofies SA, within which he develops services of integrated management of resources, of implementation of industrial symbioses, of analyses of material and energy flows and of industrial planning.