15.12.17 - As part of its effort to promote and enhance collaboration with its strategic partners, the BMI is organizing an annual PhD students’ symposium that will bring together PhD students from the BMI and its strategic partnering institutions.

This annual symposium aims to provide the students with a forum to share their work, exchange ideas, explore collaborations, expand their network and discuss career and scientific topics of mutual interest.


The conference will take place over a period of two days in a relaxed and friendly setting designed to foster effective exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences among the students while they broaden their perspectives and explore the scientific frontiers and career opportunities in neuroscience and brain research.


The annual PhD conference is to be organized exclusively by PhD students with support and guidance from the faculty.

Organizing committee

The organizing committee consists PhD students from the BMI and each partnering institution. Each institution will nominate 1 faculty and 2 PhD students representatives who will also serve as members of the conference organizing committee.

The BMI will provide overall oversight of the organization and provide all the necessary logistic support for the conference in close coordination with the faculty representatives of all participating institutions.

Who can participate?

The conference is open to all the PhD students working in the fields of neuroscience and brain research from the BMI and the BMI partner institutions. 

Selection of the participants for the oral presentation will be made at the level of the institution, whereas poster presentations will be open to all students interested in participating in the conference.

To maintain an interactive and friendly environment the number of participants will be limited to 30-40 + 5-6 faculty.


Author:BMI Source:Brain Mind Institute