Fly over EPFL's giant works of art with a new video series

Five short films describe the works installed during the construction of the first stage of the EPFL buildings on the Dorigny site in the years 1970-1980.

Integrating art within the EPFL: this is the idea put forward by architect Jakob Zweifel in order to develop communication and creation at school.

In 1972, Zweifel set up a working group that put forward several innovative proposals. In addition to the five sculptures created for the campus center, which materialize the idea of exchanges between art and engineering, the group's preparatory work was primarily intended to encourage the creativity of future students. As a result of these reflections, the “Salle Polyvalente” in particular was able to see the light of day, while other ideas - sometimes more daring - were not realized. > Learn more about the history of art on the EPFL campus (in French)

From the ground or from the sky, discover these works of art from a new angle. Véronique Mauron, art historian and head of CDH-Culture, explains their conception, the artistic reflection that emerges from them, and their link with the architecture and history of the school.

Guided tours are available on request.

Contact: Veronique Mauron or Virginie Martin

The movies:

Author: Virginie Martin