First MOOC on plasma physics and its applications

© 2015 EPFL

© 2015 EPFL

The EPFL is presenting the first MOOC on plasma physics and its applications, including fusion energy, astrophysical and space plasmas, societal and industrial applications. Enroll now !

A team including Prof. A. Fasoli, Prof. P. Ricci and colleagues at the Plasma Physics Research Center (CRPP) of EPFL, recorded the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the basics of plasma physics and its main applications.

Current titles include:
• Basics of plasma physics
• Basics of space plasmas in astrophysics
• Industrial and medical applications of plasmas
• Basics of fusion as a sustainable energy
• Advanced concepts in fusion such as magnetic confinement, plasma heating and energy extraction.

Classes start on May 1st. The course is given in English and will last 9 weeks.

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