Final critics of Studio Weinand will be held online

© 2020 EPFL

© 2020 EPFL

We are pleased to announce you that the final critics of master students of Studio Weinand will be held on Tuesday the 26th of May 2020, in the format of a Zoom video conference.

Studio Weinand focuses on art and technology and its various interactions. The studio allows the encounter of research and conceptual design in process. IBOIS ongoing research streams are presented and taught. Thus students in architecture have to open up towards research and develop their own research culture in architecture.
The following items are part of the program:
- Scanning technics
- Round wood operations
- Robotic assembly process

- Parametric design

- Development of wood-wood connections

- Reuse of cultural heritage

- Experimentation on numerical and physical models
This semester focused on the reuse of cultural heritage: a Valais mansion dating from the 17th century. Students were asked to perform a full exterior and interior scan using advanced laser scanning techniques. This technological base served both as an inspirational description but also as a scientific survey of the existing.

So, if you are curious to discover their work, you're more than welcome to join us !

It is also our great pleasure to inform you about the participation, as guest critic, of Prof. Niels Martin Larsen from the Aarhus School of Architecture (Denmark).

Please find below the invitation link to access the online critics: (no zoom-account required)
Critics start at 9:00 am.