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EuroMOF 2017

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© 2017 EPFL

Best Poster Award

Stavroula-Alina Kampouri is a 2nd year PhD student within the Laboratory of Molecular Simulation
(LSMO) at EPFL Valais
supervised by Dr. Kyriakos C. Stylianou and Prof. Berend Smit. Alina’s
project lies on the synthesis and characterization of visible-light-active metal organic frameworks
(MOFs) capable to photocatalytically split water into hydrogen and oxygen, with the hydrogen
being captured and used as a fuel. She has recently participated in the EuroMOF2017 conference
held in Delft – a European conference dedicated to MOFs, and her poster entitled ‘Photocatalytic
Hydrogen Generation from a Visible-Light Responsive Metal-Organic Framework System: The
Impact of Nickel Phosphide Nanoparticles’ was awarded (among ~300 posters) with the best poster
prize. Her poster highlighted the potential of MOFs toward the visible-light-driven hydrogen

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© 2017 EPFL
© 2017 EPFL

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