11.09.14 - The team of the CODEV EssentialTech programme has inaugurated its EssentialLab: a place for the research and design of essential technologies adapted to the context of impoverished countries.

The inauguration attracted persons from diverse backgrounds, including engineers, scientists, journalists and development experts. This is precisely the desired positioning for EssentialLab; a place for dynamic exchange, which seeks to promote innovation from disciplinary collaboration on issues related to technology and socio-economic aspects of their deployment. The EssentialLab is also a centre of research and collaboration with scientific and industrial partners and the South, with the aim of developing technological solutions adapted to the context of developing countries, in parallel with innovative business models.

Located in the CM1368, the EssentialLab is above all the operational base of the EssentialTech team, from where the projects are coordinated and managed. On the occasion of the inauguration, a number of its activities were presented, such as the GlobalDiagnostiX project that is designed to develop a medical imaging system adapted to developing countries, or GlobalNeonat for the development of an appropriate neonatal incubator.

For more information, see the EssentialTech site: