07.03.17 - Fostering equal opportunities and promoting women's access to technical and engineering fields and professions is an integral part of EPFL's mission of excellence in both teaching and research.

During the past ten years, EPFL made significant progress towards this perspective. To continue this momentum and to take new steps in terms of equality, EPFL has adopted a new Action Plan 2017-20.

Through this action plan, EPFL’s management intends to foster a coordinated and focused approach towards equality promotion, to support the exchange and the emulation of good practices within EPFL, as well as with institutions pursuing the same interests and goals in Switzerland and at an international level.

Objectives are: the increase of the percentage of women professors; encourage the recruitment of female students through targeted measures aimed at students at the different school levels and for male and female teachers, so as to influence the perception of technical fields; promote an inclusive study culture and ensure equal opportunities for doctoral and postdoctoral trajectories. In addition, continue towards a working environment conducive to equality. The action plan also includes designed measures for administrative and technical staff, particularly for managers and apprentices.

Source:Equal Opportunities Office