ENAC Sustainability Grants 2021: 17 projects funded !

© 2021 EPFL

© 2021 EPFL

Several calls for proposals, grouped under "ENAC Sustainability Grants", were launched in 2021 to address the ENAC challenges linked to Climate change, Digitalization and Urbanization. Discover here the granted projects!

With combined expertise in architecture, civil engineering and environmental engineering, ENAC has a unique capability to addres major societal and environmental challenges linked to climate change, digitalization and urbanization. Five different grants, grouped under "ENAC's Sustainability Grants" were launched in spring 2021 for the ENAC community to submit inter- and transdisciplinary research proposals, and innovative ideas in these challenging fields.

More than 30 ENAC researchers got involved in one or more proposals, and we want to warmly thank all applicants for the efforts made!

We're pleased to announce that 3 Interdisciplinary Cluster Grants (max. 170kCHF, for ENAC labs, managed by ENAC Dean office), 7 Innovation Seed Grants (max. 20kCHF, for ENAC labs, managed by ENAC Dean office), and 7 CLIMACT Starting Grants (max. 50kCHF, for EPFL-UNIL labs, managed by CLIMACT center) were selected for funding:

"Interdisciplinary Cluster Grants 2021", selected projects:

Contact: [email protected]

"Innovation Seed Grants 2021", selected projects:

  • i-IAQ: Integration of Indoor Air Quality Prediction into Healthy Building Design
    Shen Yang(HOBEL / IIC)
  • ANTIVIRALPS: Screening for novel antiviral compounds in alpine and polar lakes
    Anna Carratalà (LCE / IIE)
  • RE:CRETE: Proof-of-Concept for the REuse of cast-in-place reinforced conCRETE panels
    Maléna Bastien Masse (SXL / IA)
  • ARKAÏYA: Gatekeeping Archaea companion diagnostic and therapeutic: unique ‘microbiome-management’ solution to infant colic, asthma and allergies
    Horst Pick (GR-LUD / IIE)
  • INNOWAL: INNOvation for Water And Legionella: Developing an innovative device for elimination of Legionella risk at the water end-uses in buildings
    Amirreza Heidari (TEBEL / IIC)
  • SWISSVENT: Smart WIndow SystemS for maximizing natural VENTilation in residential buildings
    Evangelos Belias(HOBEL / IIC)
  • MOCA: MOnitoring traffic Congestion in Africa using a swarm of drones
    Manos Barmpounakis (LUTS / IIC)

Contact:[email protected]

"CLIMACT Starting Grants 2021", selected projects:

Contact: [email protected]

The call for Transdisciplinary Cluster Grants ([email protected]) and HRC Living Lab grants ([email protected]) didn't lead to any successful granted project. The calls are currently being revised.

Call for proposals 2022 - apply now!

The ENAC Dean's office has decided to continue to dedicate specific funds to address sustainability challenges in the built and natural environment.

You can followhere the opening of the calls 2022 for ENAC's sustainability grant applications.

The "Interdisciplinary Cluster Grants" and "Innovation Seed Grants" 2022 calls are now open, with deadlines in February 2022. We're looking forward to receive your applications!