EDCH Top 8% Thesis Distinction 2021

© 2021 EPFL

© 2021 EPFL

From top left
Abdusalom Suleymanov, Bastian Muriel, Homa Mohammadi Peyhani,
Shiqi Huang, Yongpeng Liu

Each year, a distinction is granted to a selection of very high quality theses, in order to highlight the doctoral candidates’ research work and their scientific merit. For each doctoral program, nominated graduates are selected on the basis of their oral examination. Then a selection committee evaluates the nominees and rewards the best 8%.

EPFL Magazine publishes in January the list of all EPFL PhD candidates with a distinction

Congratulations to the EDCH Laureates 2021

Abdusalom Suleymanov (c/o Prof Kay Severin), Bastian Muriel (c/o Prof Jérôme Waser), Homa Mohammadi Peyhani (c/o Prof Vassily Hatzimanikatis), Shiqi Huang (c/o Prof Kumar Agrawal), Yongpeng Liu (c/o Prof Kevin Sivula and Dr Nestor Guijarro Carratala).


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