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Demande de mesures urgentes face à la fonte des glaciers

© Thinkstock photos

© Thinkstock photos

Des experts du monde entier, dont le professeur Tom Battin à l'EPFL, mettent en garde contre les conséquences multiples et en cascade de la fontes des glaciers sur les systèmes en aval. Des mesures urgentes sont demandées.

In their paper, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the authors synthesised currently available evidence and documented the profound impact on freshwater and near-shore marine systems. Although the impact of melting glaciers on sea levels has received much attention to date, this ‘perspectives’ paper outlines other multiple downstream effects of glacier change that will have significant societal implications. As such, the authors call for a renewed focus on planning adaptation and mitigation measures for the breadth of impacts in all affected regions.



“Glacier shrinkage driving global changes in downstream systems”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 4 September 2017.

Authors: Alexander M. Milner, Kieran Khamis, Tom J. Battin, John E. Brittain, Nicholas E. Barrand, Leopold Füreder, Sophie Cauvy-Fraunie, G´ısli Ma´ r G´ıslason, Dean Jacobsen, David M. Hannah, Andrew J. Hodson, Eran Hood, Valeria Lencioni, Jo´ n S. O´ lafsson, Christopher T. Robinson, Martyn Tranter, and Lee E. Brown

Auteur: University of Birmingham/ENAC Communication