DC vs AC

© 2019 EPFL

© 2019 EPFL

SCCER-FURIES White paper on the DC technologies in Switzerland

The Swiss Energy strategy 2050 asks for a radical shift in the status quo in terms of energy generation. Renewable energy technologies should be massively deployed and integrated into the grid in order to cover both the increase of power demand and the phase-out of nuclear energy. The most efficient way to move to this new era is by reconsidering the entire energy system. In this context, the use of AC power systems is put in question at both the transmission and the distribution grid. Instead, DC systems are proven as more efficient when transferring bulk power over long distances, interconnecting grids and connecting offshore wind. Also, DC applications enable better controllability of energy resources, provide higher power density and better compatibility with underground cables compared to AC ones. 

The development and demonstration of DC applications and their advantages for the future power infrastructures are among the core activities of the SCCER-FURIES, and particularly the WP3 which works on enabling technologies. A White paper has been developed for this purpose, which provides an overview of ongoing activities and summarizes the key findings.