Creating the universe in a mathematical and artistic way

Kathrin Glau © 2019 EPFL

Kathrin Glau © 2019 EPFL

Dr. Kathrin Glau, Scientific collaborator in Financial Mathematics set up an interactive mathematical art project at Tate Exchange Tate Modern in London in June 2019.

Her art exposition "The creating of a mathematical universe" was presented at the Tate Gallery in London bringing together the rigor of mathematics with the freedom of art.

The exhibition lasted 6 days during which the visitors were able to build a part of the universe in different shapes and colors.

All mathematical objects (numbers, geometric forms and functions) can be represented in the resulting mathematical universe, which is constructed purely by sets. Here, the sets themselves are represented by pieces of felt. Visitors layed these colorful pieces on panels building day after day a growing part of the universe.

Thanks to top and felt, the exhibition allowed to explore a conceptual world that normally is layed out in its own symbolic language. Dr. Kathrin Glau was able to grasp artistically speaking the foundations of mathematics by depicting a colorful vision of the universe.

Visitors from different backgrounds came to contribute to the universe at the Tate Gallery Modern and the organizers considered it as a successful event.

The pieces of the universe produced by the visitors are now coming to the exhibition on the website of the project and on Instagram @creating_mathematics.