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Conference Papers: The Reuse of Load-Bearing Systems

© 2019 BAMB

© 2019 BAMB

The Structural Xploration Lab present two papers about the Reuse of Load-Bearing Systems at the SBE19 Conference on 6-7 February in Brussels.

How far can we go when it comes to reuse load-bearing systems for new purposes? What are state-of-the-art design principles and methods? What are the current challenges and the needed research directions?

The Structural Xploration Lab is discussing these questions at the SBE19 - Buildings as Material Banks - A Pathway for a Circular Future conference, in Brussels on 6-7 February 2019. The event is unique in Europe as it exclusively gathers stakeholders (practitioners, researchers, government administrations) involved into the application of circular economy in the built environment (detailed program here).

SXL's first paper authored by Jan Brütting, Catherine De Wolf, and Corentin Fivet, reviews the current state-of-the-art when it comes to design structural systems while reclaiming existing stocks of materials. SXL's second paper authored by Corentin Fivet, synthesizes design principles for the design of reusable structural systems and highlights key directions for future research.

Author: Corentin Fivet