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Can space still make us dream?

Image: Jamani Caillet

Image: Jamani Caillet

Over 40 years after man set foot on the moon, space is opening up to tourists... So how long will it be before we see our first extraterrestrial works of art? This Wednesday, May 22, Swiss astronaut Claude Nicolier and Alexandre Joly, an artist bent on sending his giant "space peanut" into orbit will sit down together for a debate (in French) in the Café Klee at EPFL's Rolex Learning Center.

For this edition of "Science on tourne!," on May 22, we are going to go where only few men and women have gone before - to outer space... First, artist Alexandre Joly will let us in on his dream of shooting his giant golden "space peanut," on exhibition in the large patio at the Rolex Learning Center, into orbit. Then we will hear from the only Swiss citizen to have circled the Earth in zero gravity, Claude Nicolier, astronaut and professor at the Swiss Space Center at EPFL. Both will address one key question: four decades after we left our footprints on the moon, does space still have what it takes to make us dream? The answer may seem obvious, especially considering the large number of artistic, scientific, industrial, and touristic projects that have recently made the headlines. We can only wait to see to find out if anyone will ever be able to afford these dreams, or whether they stay unfulfilled forever...

Join us on Wednesday, May 22, at 12:15 pm in the Café Klee at the Rolex Learning Center. Entrance is free and lunch is provided.

Watch the talk!

Science! on tourne - Episode 12 from Mediacom EPFL on Vimeo.

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