Bruno Correia Receives Protein Science Young Investigator Award

Bruno Correia © Alain Herzog / 2020 EPFL

Bruno Correia © Alain Herzog / 2020 EPFL

Bruno Correia, director of the Laboratory of Protein Design & Immunoengineering (LPDI) at the Institute of Bioengineering (School of Engineering), has been awarded the Protein Society's 2021 Protein Science Young Investigator Award.

The Protein Society's 2021 Protein Science Young Investigator Award, sponsored by Wiley, recognizes a scientist within the first 8 years of an independent career who has made an important contribution to the study of proteins. 

Since his arrival at EPFL, Professor Bruno Correia combines computational science with experimental studies in the area of protein design. He develops methods for the de novo design of proteins that present native binding epitopes, and he leads a scientific team to demonstrate that designed proteins can induce neutralizing antibodies against respiratory syncytial virus. Bruno Correia has also pioneered impactful computational methods using machine learning to advance our understanding of molecular recognition (adapted from the The Protein Society's press release).

The Protein Society is the leading international Society devoted to furthering research and development in protein science. Founded in 1986, the purpose of the Society is to provide international forums to facilitate communication, cooperation, and collaboration regarding all aspects of the study of proteins. The prizes will be awarded at the 35th Anniversary Symposium (virtual), July 7 – 14, 2021. Plenary talks from award recipients will take place throughout the event.