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Browzine: a new app to read electronic periodicals

© 2018 Third Iron LCC

© 2018 Third Iron LCC

Browze through EPFL Library scientific electronic journals collection on your device – smartphone, tablet or computer – in a user-friendly way thanks to BrowZine.

The Library recently included the new BrowZine platform on its website.

This tool aggregates most of the scientific electronic periodicals you can already access, like Annals of Mathematics, Nature Materials or Annual Materials.

You can now enjoy an ergonomic and unified browzing interface to look all these resources up. You can easily pick a domain of your interest and find the corresponding publications. The dynamic display also allows you to look up for a specific journal.

With your free personal account, you are able to build journals and articles collections and receive a notification when a new publication from a periodical you follow is issued.

BrowZine is also available as a mobile app – Android and iOS – which allows you to download articles in advance and to read them outside the EPFL campus or VPN network.

Of course, the access to these journals through is free and guaranteed with the EPFL Library online catalog : BEAST.

Source: Library