BiodivERsA 2018-2019: Call for proposals

© 2018 Biodiversa

© 2018 Biodiversa

BiodivERsA is pleased to announce the launch of its 2018-2019 Call on the theme: “Biodiversity and its influence on animal, human and plant health”

This call aims at supporting transnational research projects jointly addressing issues at the nexus of biodiversity and animal, human and/ or plant health across the different relevant spatial, and temporal scales in an effort to support evidence-based decision-making. Projects addressing only biodiversity issues or only health issues will not be considered within the scope of the call.

The Call addresses the following major themes:

  • Relationship between biological diversity and animal, human and/or plant health: effects and underlying mechanisms
  • Understanding and predicting the integrated effects of global change factors on biodiversity-related health issues
  • Valuing/qualifying biodiversity benefits to animal, human and plant health, and promoting health-friendly biodiversity status as well as biodiversity-based health status

The call includes two actions, supporting two different types of research projects:

Action A: supports collaborative research projects, gathering different research teams generating new knowledge in particular based on the production of new primary data ;

Action B: supports research synthesis projects, gathering individuals forming a working group, which perform research and answer research questions using existing data sets. These research projects will not collect or produce new primary data; the core activity of these projects being synthesizing and/or analysing existing datasets (synthesizing concepts and ideas is also eligible). Note that these projects differ from systematic reviews or knowledge synthesis, which are based on a synthesis of publications and reports.

Funding Organisations can participate in Action A or B only, or both. Please note that Switzerland is only participating in Action A through SNSF.


The project proposal involves Partners from at least three different countries participating in the BiodivERsA call. For proposals including researchers from outermost regions and overseas countries and territories, if two outermost regions and overseas countries and territories are from the same country, these are counted as two participating countries.

Where a proposal includes three or more researchers from outermost regions and overseas countries and territories from the same country, these will be counted as two participating countries.

For Action A: research partners from minimum 3 countries participating in Action A;

For action B: researchers from minimum 5 countries participating in Action B.

The list of countries involved in each action are listed here:

A two-steps process will apply, with a mandatory submission of pre-proposals at step 1. Proposals (in English) must be submitted electronically with the Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS) - the link to the EPSS will be published between 8 and 12 October 2018.

Deadline for submission of pre-proposals (mandatory): 16 November 2018, 16:00 CET (local time in Brussels).

Deadline for submission of full-proposals: between early February and mid-March 2019 (depending of the number of received pre-proposals).


Funding: each partner should contact its own specific Funding organisation Contact Point (FCP). For Switzerland the contact is Stéphanie WYSS (SNSF); [email protected]; +41 31 308 22 68