BIM: Research tool for the reuse of building materials

© 2019 EPFL

© 2019 EPFL

At the Smart Living Lab in Fribourg, the Building2050 Group supports research on the reuse of building materials through the Building Information Modeling (BIM) for a master thesis about digitization in the architectural practice.

Sebastian Duque, BIM Coordinator within the Building2050 Group led by Sergi Aguacil, in collaboration with the laboratories SXL (Corentin Fivet) and CNPA (Bernard Cache), is supervising Antoine Faivre’s master's thesis in architecture at EPFL.

The project "The Reuse of Materials by Digital Tools" addresses the subject of digitization in the architectural practice, and how the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) can facilitate and promote the reuse of building materials, by generating inventories of potentially reusable elements within existing buildings. This project uses the Blue Hall building at the Smart Living Lab in Fribourg as a case study.