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Best Paper Award for Matteo Romanello of DHLAB

© 2017

© 2017

Congratulations to Matteo Romanello of EPFL's DHLAB for receiving the Best Paper Award at the Workshop on Humanities in the Semantic Web - WHiSe II.

WHiSe II was co-located with the 16th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2017) in Vienna, Austria from October 21 to 25 2017.

WHiSe II is a symposium aimed at strengthening communication between scholars in the Digital Humanities and Semantic Web communities and discussing unthought-of opportunities arising from the research problems of the former. Its best-of-both-worlds format accommodates the practices of scholarly dialogue in both fields by inviting visions, real systems and debate.

See the Tweet.

Visit the WHiSe II website.