Best Paper Award at the ASME TurboExpo

gas bearing supported test rotor © EPFL LAMD 2020

gas bearing supported test rotor © EPFL LAMD 2020

A paper by Karim Shalash and Jürg Schiffmann from the School of Engineering has received the best paper award at the ASME Turbomachinery Technical Conferences and Exposition.

The publication is entitled “Pressure profile measurements within the gas film of journal foil bearings using an instrumented rotor with telemetry” and the research was carried out at the Laboratory for Applied Mechanical Design. The paper proposes an innovative way to obtain time resolved pressure measurements within the thin film of a gas lubricated bearing through the fast spinning rotor. This device allows unprecedented measurements for the validation of reduced order models.

Picture: The gas bearing supported test rotor (middle) is driven by an electrical motor through an elastic coupling (far left). The bearing on the right is instrumented with pressure transducers embedded on the spinning rotor. The collected data is transmitted to the DAQ via telemetry system.


This research was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF Grant PYAPP2 154278/1)