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Best Demo Award at 4th IEEE International Workshop on MetroAerospace

© 2017 EPFL

© 2017 EPFL

Philipp Clausen et al. were the recepients of the Best Demo Award at the 4th IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace.

The 4th IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace was held in Padua, Italy from June 21-23 where our PhD Student Philipp Clausen received the Best Demonstration Award. He presented a team work of authors that created a software which simplifies the stochastic analysis of sensor noise by means of wavelet variance. This tool called Generalized Method of Wavelet Moments (GMWM) is open-source package usable inside the statistical software R. The developpement was initiated and lead by the former EPFL(TOPO) graduate, Prof. Stephane Guerrier, currently at Pennsylvania State University, USA.