Aryan Rezaei Rad (IBOIS) wins EDCE PhD Mobility Award

Aryan Rezaei Rad© 2017 Alain Herzog

Aryan Rezaei Rad© 2017 Alain Herzog

The Ph.D Mobility Award is given by the doctoral program in Civil and Environmental Engineering (EDCE) to encourage good PhD students within the program to go for an academic visit to an external research institution.

An interdisciplinary design framework, where the knowledge of architects, engineers, and computer and robotic scientists is combined, is critical to the doctoral studies of Aryan Rezaei Rad. Accordingly, his plan is to develop an automatic algorithm which integrate Computer-aided Design (CAD), the macro models, and open-source computational/structural platforms for Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) analyses and design workflow. The framework aims to develop a dialog between architects and engineers, and links the state of the research to the structural engineering practice. During the academic visit to the research lab of Professor Dr. Henry Burton, his thesis co-advisor, at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), the plan is to finalize the research on developing the interactive tool for performance assessment of spatial timber plate systems at the macro scale.

Congratulations !