Alex Kruchkov qualifies for 2016 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

© A. Kruchkov (EPFL)

© A. Kruchkov (EPFL)

Alex Kruchkov, a PhD student with EPFL’s Laboratory for Quantum Magnetism, has been successfully accepted to participate in this year’s Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings.

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings take place each year with the aim to foster dialogue and discussion between scientists of different generations, cultures, and disciplines. The focus of the Meetings alternates between the three major categories of natural science considered by Nobel Prize: physiology and medicine, physics, and chemistry.

At each annual Meeting, 30-40 Nobel Laureates gather at Lindau (Germany) to meet the next generation of outstanding leading scientists. Undergraduates, PhD students, and postdocs up to 35 years of age from all over the world are invited, provided they can pass the rigorous multi-step application and selection process.

Alex Kruchkov, a PhD student at Henrik Rønnow’s lab at EPFL has successfully applied and qualified to participate to the 2016 Lindau Meeting. Kruchkov’s research includes quantum field theory, quantum magnetism, Bose-Einstein condensation. In 2014, he published a theoretical model of condensing photon at room temperature.

The 2016 Lindau Meeting is the 66th one to be held. Dedicated to physics, it will include a total of 402 young scientists from 80 countries. This year’s meeting will take place between 26 June and 1 July 2016, and so far includes some 30 Nobel Laureates, as well as 2004 Turing Award winner Vinton G. Cerf, widely recognized as one of the four “fathers” of the Internet.