Adjustment of salaries to inflation for SNSF funded personnel

© 2023

© 2023

Effective 1 March 2023, the salaries of all personnel (doctoral students, postdocs and other employees) financed by SNSF projects will be adjusted for the cost of inflation. The inflation adjustment applies only to the SNSF financed part of a salary and is applicable to all running grants as well as those under evaluation.

The SNSF has indicated that no immediate action needs to be taken by grantees. The new salaries will be implemented and automatically charged beginning with the March 2023 payroll processing.

  • For ongoing grants / grants under evaluation, the SNSF will reimburse the additional salary and social charges at the end of projects.
  • For new applications, submitted as of 1 March 2023, the increased salaries are expected to be included in the budget. For PhDs, this increase will be reflected in the SNSF rate as follows:

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