Access Swisstopo data via GeoVITe

© ETH Zürich

© ETH Zürich

Do you need geodata relating to the Swiss territory for your projects ? Thanks to the GeoVITe service, as EPFL member, you can download Swisstopo geodata for a portion of the territory, by selecting the type of data (topographc raster maps, topographic vector maps, digital elevation models and airborne orthoimages), as well as the scale, format and year.

GeoVite replaces the project, whose services have not been provided since June 30, 2019. EPFL members retain access to the Swisstopo data download service on the website.

Developed by the Institute for Cartography and Geoinformation (IKG/ETHZ) in collaboration with the ETH Zurich Library (ETH-BIB), GeoVITe has been available since 2008. After being integrated into the project, it is once again independently accessible to EPFL members (authentication via GASPAR identifiers).

Questions regarding the use of the GeoVITe platform can be addressed to online support:

Questions about the use of data in student projects should be addressed to course assistants.

The Library remains at your disposal for any questions regarding these accesses.

For more information on access to maps and geodata, visit the Library "Maps and Geodata" web page.

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