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AAG 2014 Best Paper Award goes to IBOIS

© 2014 EPFL

© 2014 EPFL

Best Paper Award for "Interlocking Folded Plate - Integrated Mechanical Attachment for Structural Timber Panels"

The following contribution from IBOIS has received the "Best Paper Award" at the Advances in Architectural Geometry Conference 2014 (AAG 2014), that was held in London from 18th to 21st September:

Christopher Robeller, Andrea Stitic, Paul Mayencourt and Yves Weinand: Interlocking Folded Plate - Integrated Mechanical Attachment for Structural Timber Panels.

The paper, that Christopher Robeller just presented in London on 19th September, demonstrates interdisciplinary work between architects and engineers and introduces novel methods and algorithms for the design and manufacturing of integrated connections for timber plate structures.

AAC 2014 received a lot of paper submissions, in both domains realization/application and numeric/mathematical. 25 of them have been accepted.

This Best Paper Award was awarded to Authors from IBOIS for the interest it shows to a concrete application, whereas a second article received the prize to have particularly well approached its subject from a mathematical point of view ("Surface panelization using periodic conformal maps" / Thilo Rörig, Stefan Sechelmann, Agata Kycia and Moritz Fleischmann).

Author: Marielle Savoyat