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30th Annual SLTBR Conference in Groningen

Forrest Webler, PhD candidate at LIPID, participated in the 2018 SLTBR conference which took place in Gronigen, Netherlands, from June 21 to June 24, 2018

Forrest Webler presented preliminary findings from a joint field study conducted with fellow LIPID PhD candidate Victoria Soto Magan on the impact of spectrally selective glazing on direct and indirect non-visual effects of daylight. The study was conducted on the EPFL campus in two identical lecture halls, where students were asked to work without backlit screens and were exposed only to daylight from 9am to 4pm, for two sets of three-day observation periods. Subjective responses together with physiological measurements were collected and used to assess the impact of the light environment on health and wellbeing. The results from this study will form a basis of light exposure data which can be used to conduct a larger analysis of the impact of existing façade technologies on daylight conditions in buildings. The methodology developed for this study will be used for larger studies, planned for the spring and fall of 2019.