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10-days multidisciplinary fieldwork about makers in China

© Anaïs Bloch & Clément Renaud / EPFL 2018

© Anaïs Bloch & Clément Renaud / EPFL 2018

Makers in Shanghai and Shenzhen

A workshop called Mapping Spaces for Making was held from February 28th to March 10th 2018 in the cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen. The goal of this workshop was to re-collect the role played by different urban spaces in the unfolding of maker communities in Shanghai and Shenzhen - and how these spaces have been transforming over the years. During the ten days, a research team of anthropologists, economist, architect, designer and geographer went on-site to collect pictures, drawings, maps, data and recordings during visits into these different spaces. The researchers spent 5 days in each city: 4 days of investigation and 1 day dedicated to public restitution. Altogether, the team visited a dozen of spaces from the smallest fablab to the largest electronic retail cluster on earth. After 8 days of fieldwork, a short booklet containing selecting preliminary materials was released during a public event, defining a larger plan for a proper book to come. 

More on the website http://mapmakers.space.


The project is funded by the SNF. It also benefitted from the suport of EPFL and swissnex China.