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    The Brain Forum shows how collaboration advances research

    today - Mediacom The Brain Forum 2015 in Lausanne opened today and is generating huge interest: more than 1000 people have registered. Philanthropists like Hansjörg Wyss, industry representatives from Nestlé and Roche, scientists from all over the world, entrepreneurs, and representatives from the biggest brain initiatives meet to exchange ideas on brain research. An exhibition area displays groundbreaking science, e.g. a project that shows how “reality substitution” is on track to replace traditional virtual reality. On April 1, 2015 a startup pitch session will take place to promote novel solutions related to brain research.

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    New publication Prof. Ralf Seifert forthcoming in EJOR

    today - Technology and Operations Management The article entitled "On the Optimal Frequency of Multiple Generation Product Introductions" is forthcoming in the European Journal of Operational Research.

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    Data Management Plan at EPFL

    today - Research Office You need to prepare a Data Management Plan for your proposal but don't know how to proceed? Read the article below, which will give you important information about the process at EPFL! 

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    "I wish to strenghten the links between our institutions"

    today - Swiss Space Center After having spent one whole year at the Swiss Space Center, visiting progfessor Jinxiu Zhang went back to Harbin, in China. He shares here his experience and what this stay means to him.

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    Identifiying project vulnerabilites can benefit organizations

    today - CDM Research Impact Daniel Kuhn, Eli Gutin, and Wolfram Wiesemann originally set out to find new ways of preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. In doing so, however, they produced a powerful tool that allows users to identify the weak points in any project or chain of processes, creating a range of opportunities and benefits for organizations.

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    Two EPFL researchers win the 2015 Leenaards award

    27.03.15 - Prizes and awards The 2015 Leenaards award has been awarded to two translational medicine projects conducted by Jacques Fellay and Anisoara Ioenscu at EPFL.

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    Follow-up of an academic visit to Lawrence Berkeley National Laborato

    27.03.15 - Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design In June 2012, Mandana Sarey Khanie, PhD Candidate at LIPID, with the objective of exploring methodologies and strategies for visual comfort measurements was able to carry out an academic visit to LBNL thanks to a Mobility Award from the EDCE Award.

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    Galaxy clusters collide; dark matter still a mystery

    26.03.15 - Mediacom When galaxy clusters collide, their dark matters pass through each other, with very little interaction. Deepening the mystery, a study by scientists at EPFL and the University of Edinburgh challenges the idea that dark matter is composed of particles.

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    LIPID travels to Reykjavik to present an interdisciplinary animation

    26.03.15 - Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design Siobhan Rockcastle and Maria Ámundadóttir travelled to Iceland to present a video animation of their research at “The Dynamics of Darkness in the North” conference - conceived, simulated, and created in close collaboration with Mandana Sarey Khanie.

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    Siobhan Rockcastle and Marilyne Andersen featured in Phoenix Magazine

    26.03.15 - Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design Phoenix, an architectural magazin by B + L Verlags, has featured the research of Siobhan Rockcastle and Marilyne Andersen in its inaugural issue. Published in mid-February, this publication is the first German translation of their work on daylight dynamics. Through a brief analysis of three contemporary architectural spaces, Siobhan and Marilyne introduce the context for an application of their scientific research in daylight performance.

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