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    IML students from Paris meet the Lausanne IML team and students

    today - International Institute for the management of Logistics The students of the Executive Master in Global Suply Chain IML Lausanne welcomed the 25 IML students of Paris mid - March 2015, who came for a week to Switzerland to visit some companies such as La Poste, ELSA, Bobst, CICR and Migros Genève.

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    Exhibition in the Project Room

    today - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies The Project Room is the new name given to the foyer of the SG building at the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). A program of architectural exhibitions and various lectures will be regularly organized there, providing a place for meeting and mingling, in synergies with Archizoom activities. An exhibition called Domestic Landscape, showing the work made in every design studios of the school, will be presented in the Project Room during the whole semester. In that context, the studio of Prof. Emmanuel Rey shows a selection of models made at different scales by students.

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    MSc project

    today - Prof. Meylan's Lab 02.03.2015 Welcome to Bernard Moret

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    A new tool for understanding Parkinson's disease

    today - Mediacom EPFL scientists have developed a new method that can accurately simulate the chemical modification of the protein behind Parkinson’s disease. The technique, has opened a new way of understanding Parkinson’s, and can be expanded to other proteins and diseases as well.

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    Successful Brain Forum in Lausanne - Brain Research underway

    yesterday - Mediacom After three days of in-depth presentations, lively panel discussions and groundbreaking demonstrations in the exhibition area, The Brain Forum 2015 closed today with the announcement of The Brain Forum Innovations Award dedicated to promote Swiss Startups.

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    CDM launches MOOC on Entrepreneurship & Strategy

    yesterday - Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization Chair Chris Tucci and Marc Gruber will co-teach Launching New Ventures, a Massive Open Online Course on Entrepreneurship & Strategy for Technology-Driven Ventures on

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    Flyability wins Venture Kick final

    yesterday - Laboratory of Intelligent Systems The EPFL spin-off Flyability secured a total funding amount of CHF 130.000 by winning the Venture Kick final. The world’s first collision-proof drone “Gimball” and a rapid and accurate method for cancer profiling are ready for commercial success. A spherical flying robot enters a damaged building after an explosion. The lightweight drone is not disturbed by collisions and can fly safely in places out of reach and near injured people, transmitting live video footage to rescuers. This scenario might be soon a reality thanks to Gimball, Flyability’s insect inspired flying robot, the world’s first of its kind. The EPFL and NCCR robotics spin-off opens a world of new applications in search and rescue, industrial inspection or security.

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    Education Office Newsletter - March 2015

    yesterday - Direction of Education The Education Office is pleased to report on developments in recent months. We also invite you to browse our annual report for 2014 (French only), available on our website We take this opportunity to extend our best wishes to you for the Easter holiday. Happy reading! Albertine Kolendowska

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    Study trip in the Grand Paris metropolis

    yesterday - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies Prof. Emmanuel Rey's studio class went on a study trip to the metropolis of the Grand Paris. This extra-mural teaching activity was an opportunity for the students to visit various contemporary projects of housing, activity building and public space coming into close resonance with the themes and issues explored in the SUBURBAN LANDSCAPE studio.

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    Participation in the lecture series "Magma & Principles"

    yesterday - Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies Prof. Emmanuel Rey of the Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST) participated in the lecture series of the course “Magma & Principles” organized at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) by the Laboratory of Spatial Manufacturing (MANSLAB). Called "A duo at the heart of the orchestra?”, his intervention constituted an empirical analysis of the relationship between architect and client in the context of major urban transformation projects.

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