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    A mere ball, a very real mathematical challenge

    today - Mediacom Summer Series - student work (9): To what extent could we predict the number on which a roulette ball is going to fall? Philippe Paccaud, micro-technology student, tackled this complex issue in his master's thesis. In the end, there was no miracle equation, but instead a fair dose of ingenuity.

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    Xile Hu awarded 2014 EUROBIC Medal

    yesterday - SB | Basic Sciences Xile Hu has been awarded the European Medal for Bio-Inorganic Chemistry for 2014, recognizing his achievements in biomimetic chemistry.

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    Solar Decathlon – summer workshop

    yesterday - Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design In a summer workshop dedicated to the 2016 Solar Decathlon competition team, LIPID lab joined forces with LESO and ELAB researchers as well as a faculty from the Ecole d’Ingénieurs et Architectes de Fribourg.

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    IS&T Fellowship for Sabine Süsstrunk

    yesterday - IC - Prizes & Awards Professor Sabine Süsstrunk has been awarded the status of Fellow from the Society of Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T).

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    GENESCALE flight in the Paneirosse glacier area with R-POD

    yesterday - Geographic Information Systems Laboratory Arabis alpina sampling in the Vaud Alps in the context of the GENESCALE project.

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    Why are the buses not on time?

    yesterday - Transportation Center A group of Bachelor’s students studied data from the public transport provider of the Canton of Fribourg to try to understand the causes of delays. They also propose some concrete solutions.

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    Book "Indian skilled migration and development: to Europe and back"

    yesterday - Cooperation This new book provides empirical evidence on diaspora interventions and return migration in the Indian context and suggests policy options for the home and host countries.

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    New book on Smart Specialisation by Prof. Dominique Foray

    yesterday - CDM | Management of Technology A new book has been published on "Smart Specialisation", a concept developed by Prof. Dominique Foray and adopted by the EU as a regional political instrument.

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    Hugo Dil receives Heinrich Rohrer Medal

    yesterday - SB | Basic Sciences Hugo Dil has been awarded the Heinrich Rohrer Medal by the Surface Science Society of Japan.

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    A new synthetic amino acid for an emerging class of drugs

    yesterday - Mediacom EPFL scientists have developed a new amino acid that can be used to modify the 3D structure of therapeutic peptides. Insertion of the amino acid into bioactive peptides enhanced their binding affinity up to 40-fold. Peptides with the new amino acid could potentially become a new class of therapeutics.

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