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    A safer approach for diagnostic medical imaging

    yesterday - Mediacom A collaborative effort between EPFL, CNRS, ENS Lyon, CPE Lyon and ETH Zürich has led to the development of a novel approach that can considerably improve the capabilities of medical imaging with safer procedures for the patient.

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    Professional Training in Airborne Mapping

    yesterday - Geodetic Engineering Laboratory Continuous Education: Jan Skaloud delivered couple days of training to mapping professionals.

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    Raphaël Thiébaud (ICOM) receives PhD degree

    yesterday - Steel Structures Laboratory ICOM congratulates Raphaël Thiébaud for achieving his PhD degree on the topic "Résistance au déversement des poutres métalliques de pont".

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    SNSF Research Council: New president of division and council members

    yesterday - Research Office The Executive Committee of the SNSF Foundation Council has elected the physicist Harald Brune as the new president of the Mathematics, Natural and Engineering Sciences division of the Research Council. In addition, the Executive Committee elected five new members of the Research Council.

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    Nouvelle édition de la Promenade des "Pourquoi?" le 1er novembre

    yesterday - Equal Opportunities Office (only in French) Un événement organisé par Floriane Nikles dans le cadre des initiatives "J'explore ma ville"

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    Detecting Hotspots in Daylighting and Solar Technology

    yesterday - Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory Step back, think twice, launch ideas. This was the objective of the interdisciplinary workshop "Detecting Hotspots in Daylighting and Solar Technology" organised by the EPFL Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory on behalf of VELUX Stiftung Switzerland on 11 September 2014 in "Les Bois Chamblard", Buchillon.

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    Memory effects in geological faults linger on for years

    yesterday - ENAC | Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering New investigations on the friction between two plastic plates suggest that, at much larger scales, future earthquakes can depend on past ones, with a “memory” reaching several earthquakes into the past.

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    ICOM launches Glass Structures & Facades course

    26.09.14 - Steel Structures Laboratory Dr Christian Louter (ICOM) and Prof. Alain Nussbaumer (ICOM) have launched a new MSc course on Glass Structures & Facades.

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    50 years of achievements in space

    26.09.14 - Swiss Space Center In 2014, the space community is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Europe Space Agency (ESA) . To commemorate this milestone, an event was organized at the Centre international de conférences de Genève (CICG) on Friday September 12th.

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    Cheap hydrogen fuel from the sun – without rare metals

    26.09.14 - Mediacom Today, the journal Science published the latest development in Michael Grätzel’s laboratory at EPFL: producing hydrogen fuel from sunlight and water. By combining a pair of solar cells made with a mineral called perovskite and low cost electrodes, scientists have obtained a 12.3 percent conversion efficiency from solar energy to hydrogen, a record using earth-abundant materials as opposed to rare metals.

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