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    Call for Ideas for a small mission 2015

    30.01.15 - Swiss Space Center The Swiss Space Office, from the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation of the Swiss Confederation (SERI/SSO), is initiating a Call for Ideas in order to select the best concepts from the Swiss space community for a future small mission.

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    Nestlé Research Center and EPFL uncover the medicinal power of spices

    30.01.15 - SV | Life Sciences Scientists from the Nestlé Research Center and EPFL have discovered that compounds found in certain spices can show significant effects against obesity, diabetes and epileptic seizures. The study opens a new way for exploring new nutritional dimensions of spices.

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    CHILI awarded the AAAI 2015 Best Video Award for the CoWriter project

    30.01.15 - Computer-Human Interaction Lab for Learning & Instruction The CHILI lab has been awarded the AAAI 2015 Best Video Award in Artifical Intelligence during the annual AAAI conference for the recent advancements of the CoWriter project, lead by Deanna Hood and Séverin Lemaignan.

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    EPFL is partner of the international chair in automated driving

    30.01.15 - Transportation Center MINES ParisTech has launched an automotive and aerospace research chair in partnership with French industrialists and three prestigious academic institutions including the EPFL.

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    Creating a blue nanolaser

    30.01.15 - SB | Basic Sciences Scientists of EPFL have developed blue laser that could be used in nano-scale spaces. The laser, which operates at room temperature, could be used to modify brain functions or even the interior of cells.

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    2015 NIHS-EPFL Science Day

    30.01.15 - SV | Life Sciences To further advance and leverage on-going and new scientific collaborations in research areas of mutual interest, the second joint meeting “NIHS-EPFL Science day” took place on January 28th on the EPFL campus with a total of ar. 170 participants from both institutions.

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    Straw Houses in the Front Line of Sustainable Construction

    30.01.15 - Mediacom For the first time ever, an EPFL laboratory has carried out a complete energy analysis of a straw house, from planting the grass to the destruction of the materials. The results are based on the specific case of an administrative building in the city of Lausanne, ECO-46.

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    WeSenseIt: Thousands of eyes on the environment

    29.01.15 - ENAC | Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering By getting citizens to point their smartphones at rivers and streams, decisions-makers will be able to make more informed decisions in response to floods. At least that is the hope of the European “WeSenseIt” project, which aims to get citizen water monitoring off the ground.

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    Bravo to Stefano Baruffaldi for obtaining his PhD!

    29.01.15 - Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship Congratulations to Dr. Stefano Baruffaldi for obtaining his thesis entitled "Three essays on the role of proximity in science and innovation" under the supervision of Prof. Dominique Foray.

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    IDEAS Seminar | 02 February 2015

    28.01.15 - Integrated Design Architecture and Sustainability Laure-Emmanuelle PERRET-AEBI will be the speaker of the next IDEAS Seminar, entitled "From high efficient solar cell to white solar module: a revolutionary building element". It will take place on Monday 02 February 2015 at 12:30 pm in the IDEAS space (LE Building).

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