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    Cancer: Tumors Absorb Sugar for Mobility

    yesterday - Mediacom Some cancer cells are characterized by both high sugar intake and high mobility. Researchers at EPFL show that these two phenomena are related.

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    LIONS @ UAI 2014

    29.07.14 - Laboratory for Information and Inference Systems The paper "A variational approach to stable principal component pursuit" by A. Aravkin, S. Becker, V. Cevher and P. Olsen has been presented at the 30th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI 2014), Quebec City, Canada, 23-27 July 2014.

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    ICOM hosts visiting professor in Structural Glass from Cambridge

    29.07.14 - Steel Structures Laboratory Dr. Mauro Overend from Cambridge University visits ICOM during August 2014 to collaborate on Structural Glass.

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    A smart wristband for nocturnal cyclists

    29.07.14 - Mediacom Five EPFL PhD students have developed a wristband that flashes when the rider reaches out to indicate a turn. Their invention was recognized at a European competition.

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    Ten MOOCs coming up !

    28.07.14 - Massive open online courses Moocs Check out three exciting new courses and see the list of upcoming classes this fall. Now is the right time to sign up !

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    Solar disinfection

    28.07.14 - Environmental Chemistry Laboratory Dr. Michael Mattle was interviewed by RTS about his work on solar disinfection.

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    New book by Prof. Matthias Finger

    28.07.14 - Institute of Technology and Public Policy Prof. Matthias Finger has published a new book as an editor entitled "Postal Services in the Digital Age".

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    New Analysis: The First Day of an Oil Spill on the Open Sea

    28.07.14 - Environmental Chemistry Modeling Laboratory In a study just published in Environmental Science & Technology, Jonas Gros and Deedar Nabi report detailed field measurements and computer simulations of chemical changes in an oil slick during the first day of an open-ocean oil spill.

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    Launch of a new Mobillity Laboratory

    25.07.14 - Institute of Technology and Public Policy Five important partners have signed a letter of intent to create a new Mobility Lab in the canton of Valais: The Canton of Valais, EPFL, HES-SO Valais-Wallis, the city of Sion, EPFL and La Poste, which is the main sponsor of the chair of Management and Network Industries (MIR) directed by Prof. Matthias Finger. This letter is the first step in order to create and test innovative solutions for future mobility in the Valais, which could then be applied to the rest of Switzerland.

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    9 September: Round table on collaboration with Latin America

    25.07.14 - Cooperation SAVE THE DATE! September 9, a round table "Exploration of the potential of collaborative research between Switzerland and Latin America" is organized at EPFL in the frame of the Bilateral Research Programmes 2013-2016, mandate on Latin America.

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