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    A breakthrough in understanding brain-learning processes

    yesterday - NCCR-Synapsy Professor Dominique Muller, co-director of the National Center of Competence in Research, Synapsy, and his team at the University of Geneva, have discovered a new cellular mechanism that plays a role in long-lasting neuronal connection stability. Excitingly this mechanism reveals a previously unsuspected and important role for non-neuronal cells called astrocytes. The results, published in Current Biology, may lead to a better understanding of neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases.

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    Tenure for Prof. Tamar Kohn

    yesterday - Environmental Engineering Tamar Kohn appointed Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry in the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC).

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    Online refund request for SBB train tickets

    yesterday - Financial Services The finance department informs you that the refund for train tickets bought via the TicketShop can now be raised online using the three below links

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    Improving the cost and efficiency of renewable energy storage

    yesterday - Mediacom Scientists at EPFL have developed a method for improving the catalysis of water-splitting reactions used for storing wind and solar energy. The method chemically peels off the outermost surface of a catalyst, thereby maximizing its active surface for the reaction.

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    Prof. Laloui becomes member of the EU-ERC Consolidator Grants panel

    20.07.14 - Soil Mechanics Laboratory Prof. Laloui is now member of the EU-ERC Consolidator Grants panel dealing with Products and Processes Engineering

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    Bi-annual report of the LMS and Chair "Gaz Naturel" Petrosvibri

    20.07.14 - Soil Mechanics Laboratory 2012 and 2013 have been important years for the growth of the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics - Chair «Gaz Naturel» Petrosvibri.

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    Clôture ateliers Robot à St-Imier

    17.07.14 - Equal Opportunities Office et les nouveaux cours de robotique disponibles

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    New Journal on Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks

    17.07.14 - Distributed Electrical Systems Laboratory Prof. Mario Paolone is the Editor-in-Chief of the new Elsevier International Journal Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks.

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    Asteroid Vesta to Reshape Theories of Planet Formation

    16.07.14 - Mediacom EPFL researchers have a better understanding of the asteroid Vesta and its internal structure, thanks to numerical simulations and data from the space mission Dawn. Their findings, published today in Nature, question contemporary models of rocky planet formation, including that of Earth.

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    Water molecules favor negative charges

    16.07.14 - Mediacom In the presence of charged substances, H2O molecules favor associating with elements with a negative electrical charge rather than a positive electric charge. EPFL researchers have published a study on the subject that could provide new insights on the processes of cell formation.

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