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    today - Library The EPFL library is pleased to invite you to an event that will focus on: OPEN RESEARCH DATA: THE FUTURE OF SCIENCE. Tuesday 28 October 2014, Forum Rolex, from 9am until 6pm. Free admission but registration required.

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    Information on Visas for professional trips

    today - Travel From February 2013, CWT has outsourced all administratives procedures involving the embassies in order to obtain the visas to CIBT Switzerland and the related costs were invoiced via CWT.

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    today - Research Office New open call - Submission date October 1st, 2014

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    A breakthrough in understanding brain-learning processes

    yesterday - NCCR-Synapsy Professor Dominique Muller, co-director of the National Center of Competence in Research, Synapsy, and his team at the University of Geneva, have discovered a new cellular mechanism that plays a role in long-lasting neuronal connection stability. Excitingly this mechanism reveals a previously unsuspected and important role for non-neuronal cells called astrocytes. The results, published in Current Biology, may lead to a better understanding of neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases.

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    Tenure for Prof. Tamar Kohn

    yesterday - Environmental Engineering Tamar Kohn appointed Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry in the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC).

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    Online refund request for SBB train tickets

    yesterday - Financial Services The finance department informs you that the refund for train tickets bought via the TicketShop can now be raised online using the three below links

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    Improving the cost and efficiency of renewable energy storage

    yesterday - Mediacom Scientists at EPFL have developed a method for improving the catalysis of water-splitting reactions used for storing wind and solar energy. The method chemically peels off the outermost surface of a catalyst, thereby maximizing its active surface for the reaction.

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    Prof. Laloui becomes member of the EU-ERC Consolidator Grants panel

    20.07.14 - Soil Mechanics Laboratory Prof. Laloui is now member of the EU-ERC Consolidator Grants panel dealing with Products and Processes Engineering

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    Bi-annual report of the LMS and Chair "Gaz Naturel" Petrosvibri

    20.07.14 - Soil Mechanics Laboratory 2012 and 2013 have been important years for the growth of the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics - Chair «Gaz Naturel» Petrosvibri.

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    Clôture ateliers Robot à St-Imier

    17.07.14 - Equal Opportunities Office et les nouveaux cours de robotique disponibles

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